SERS substrates for many kind applications
Competitive price and good sensitivity allows us to reach new ways of applications
AtoID is a manufacturer of SERS substrates (chips) for many applications ranging from environmental and food security to detection of explosives, drugs, narcotics or identifiction of infectious diseases of an early-stage.
Manufacturer of disposable SERS substrates
Developer of their applications
AtoID brings next generation disposable sensors to material analysis in life sciences. Our technology provides rapid label-free identification for various target molecules which are important for many applications ranging from biomarker detection in diagnostics to environmental and food security. Being 8 times more sensitive than the current gold standard on the market, patented sensors feature low cost, uncomplicated production and good repeatability. The biggest advantages lay in single and simultaneous analysis for multiple targets and elimination of expensive reagents or time-consuming sample preparation steps associated with other techniques.
Raman spectroscopy is one of the most flexible and accurate technologies for molecular diagnostics. The only drawback - usually low intensity of Raman scattering signal - is eliminated by using a plasmonic SERS substrate, sputter-coated with silver (or gold), which enhances the Raman spectra significantly.
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