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SERS spectrum of Adenine

A:    Raman spectrum from pure material (powder of Adenine);

B:    SERS spectrum (6,25 uM concentration);

C:    SERS spectrum (62,5 uM concentration);

D:    SERS spectrum (1mM concentration).


SERS spectra of Adenine tested in 3 different concentrations and compared to pure material Raman spectra.

About the analyte: Adenine is one of the two purine nucleobases (the other being guanine) used in forming nucleotides of the nucleic acids.

The shape of adenine is complementary to either  thyine in DNA or uracil in RNA. 

Adenine plays a significant role in biological system as it has wide spread effect to coronary and cerebral circulation, energy transduction, enzymatic reactions as cofactors, and even in cell signaling. Abnormal changes of its concentration may indicate the presence of various diseases. Quantitation of adenine is, therefore, critically needed for the studies of a wide variety of biological issues.

Sampling method: immersion; SERS substrates we immeresed into water solutions of Adenine for ~12 hours and rinsed with deionized water afterwards.

Raman system: Renishaw InVia;

Laser: 785nm, 1mW power;

Lens: 5x magnification;

Integration time: 1 s (measured for 50 s and normalized to 1 s afterwards).