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SERS spectrum of Thymine

SERS spectrum of Thymine

A:    Raman spectrum from pure material (powder of Thymine);

B:    SERS spectrum (6,25 uM concentration);

C:    SERS spectrum (62,5 uM concentration);

D:    SERS spectrum  (1mM concentration).


About the analyte

SERS spectra of Thymine tested in 3 different concentrations and compared to pure material spectra.

SERS substrate used: Randa;

About the analyte: Thymine is one of chemical components of DNA. It is a pyrimidine nucleobase also known as 5-methyluracil. 

In DNA, thymine (T) binds to adenine via two hydrogen bonds, thus stabilizing the nucleic acid structures.

In RNA thymine is replaced by uracil.

Sampling method: immersion; SERS substrates we immeresed into water solutions of Adenine for ~12 hours and rinsed with deionized water afterwards.

Raman system: Renishaw InVia;

Laser: 785nm, 1mW power;

Lens: 5x magnification;

Integration time: 1 s (measured for 50 s and normalized to 1 s afterwards).